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Exporting a scene from Blender is arguably the most important step in having a performant world in the Vatom Spaces platform. It can be tempting to export the entire scene in one file, ready to be dropped in, but breaking the scene down logically can increase performance, especially when adding collisions to the scene later on.

We recommended exporting the floors, walls and ceilings as separate .glb files, which can be imported and tweaked inside the space. These objects are usually quite low-poly and can have collision applied solely to these objects.

Blender Export Settings

We recommend the following settings when exporting from Blender:

  • We prefer to have bundled .glb files, which means the file contains all vertex and texture data.
  • To export individual groups of objects from the scene, select those objects and click File > Export > glTF 2.0
  • A window should open with some options, such as the following:


  • Make sure the export is limited to "Selected Objects" only, to avoid unwanted objects from being exported (lights, cameras etc)
  • Make sure to select "Apply Modifiers" to ensure the position, scale and rotation of the objects are preserved when being imported.
  • Once exported, you will have a .glb file ready to be added in to your space.
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