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Version 1.5.344

4 July, 2022

Version 1.5.344 has been released! 🏷

✨ New Features

  • Accordion: Users can now decide if they want to see the right-hand panels stacked on top of each other or just see a single panel at a time
  • Chat: Users can now see which other users are in a different space and start a chat with them
  • Editor: Added the ability to insert a Media Screen object, which has Media Source and Media Destinations already attached
  • Video: Transparent videos are no longer rendered with a black background

🔧 Improvements

  • Editor: Minor performance improvements as well as some buttons now have tooltips
  • Kick: Users who are kicked from a space are no longer asked if they want to reload the page
  • Name Tag: Improved performance of the name tags
  • Plugins: Multiple performance improvements and fixes to the Plugin Marketplace
  • Profile: Minor performance improvements to the profile settings panel

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Audio Test: File used to test audio output now works as intended
  • Bottom Menu Bar: Bottom menu bar no longer disappears when clicking on certain users
  • Bottom Menu Bar: Only show bottom menu button tooltip if text is overflowing
  • Inactivity: Users no longer get kicked for inactivity if they are talking to someone
  • Profile: Profile images are no longer rotated weirdly when selecting from a mobile device
  • sRGB: Resolved issue causing grey outlines around certain objects when sRGB mode is enabled

Go check it out now in Vatom Spaces!

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