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Version 1.3.286

9 December, 2021

Version 1.3.286 has been released! 🏷

✨ New Features

  • Move To Interaction: Added "Spawn Radius" and "Orientation" fields to the "Move To" interaction mode
  • Jump: You can now jump using the X key

🔧 Improvements

  • Broadcast Plugin: Various improvements to the performance and reliability of the Broadcast plugin
  • First Person View: No longer able to see through objects when getting very close to them

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Avatar Disc: All users, regardless of if they are logged in or not, will now have an avatar disc
  • Bring to Me: Now also brings any users who are not currently in the correct tab
  • Broadcast Plugin: Show all broadcasting users regardless of distance
  • Screen Share: Automatically opens any screen shares upon entering a space
  • Screen Share: Prevent multiple screen share windows from showing for a single user
  • Switch World: Resolved issue causing infinite loading when switching between worlds

Go check it out now in Vatom Spaces!

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