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Version 1.2.261

30 August, 2021

Version 1.2.261 has been released! 🏷

✨ New Features

  • Avatar: White highlight around your avatar disc when it is obstructed by anything
  • Skybox: Users can now upload six individual images to generate a better quality skybox

🔧 Improvements

  • Bounding Box: Box shown when selecting an object now uses the correct object size
  • Conference Plugin: Allow video boxes to be resized
  • Icons: Updated the look of the icons in the top bar
  • People Plugin: Clicking any of the "Who can join" buttons now shows a prompt to ensure the buttons do not get clicked accidentally
  • Performance: Many under-the-hood performance improvements
  • Wallet: Wallet now opens in a new tab on mobile devices

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Agenda Plugin: Clicking on the minimap now moves you to the correct place
  • Conference Plugin: Mutiple issues have now been resolved
  • Context Menu: Right-clicking on an object that has a really long name no longer displays the name outside the context menu
  • Help Plugin: Accordion header no longer overlaps the image shown when clicking "Show quick guide"
  • Position: "Use my current position" button now uses the correct current position
  • Radio Plugin: When moving from world to world, the "Play" button on the radio now works as expected
  • Shortcuts: Shortcuts that rely on the "Alt" key now work correctly on Apple devices
  • Slider: Sliders in various UI elements now update when the relevant values are changed

Go check it out now in Vatom Spaces!

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