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Version 1.2.250

29 July, 2021

Version 1.2.250 has been released! 🏷

✨ New Features

  • User Video: Option to enable peer-to-peer video

🔧 Improvements

  • Bring To Me: Offline users are now greyed out
  • Emojis: It is now easier to find the appropriate emoji using the search bar
  • More Menu: Refreshed look and feel of "More" menu in bottom bar
  • Raise Hand: Refreshed experience of raising and lowering your hand
  • Slider: Improved overall responsiveness when using a slider
  • Wallet: Wallet is now opened in a new tab on mobile, but desktop is unaffected

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Admin Bar: Top admin bar no longer disappears when performing certain actions
  • Arrival: Entry point of users who arrive in a world now uses correct positioning
  • Slider: Resolved issue where slider would not correctly record a value change
  • Toast: Toast and "More" menu no longer conflict with each other
  • Tube Shape: Color of the "Tube" shape can now be changed
  • View: When viewing a video or image in fullscreen, certain elements no longer block the view

Go check it out now in Vatom Spaces!

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