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Version 1.2.239

9 July, 2021

Version 1.2.239 has been released! 🏷

✨ New Features

  • Chat: Live Support in "Chat" menu
  • Editor: Objects can now be grouped in the "Scene" tab of the Editor
  • Issue Finder: Auto-check for space-related issues
  • Spaces: Click on an object to teleport to another space
  • User Roles: Customize the roles present in your space

🔧 Improvements

  • Avatar: Size of an avatar can be increased/decreased by an admin
  • Avatar: You can now change the color of your in-app avatar
  • Chat: Removed autocomplete popup for Chat message input
  • Claim Space: Added 'Congratulations' screen after claiming your first space
  • Conference: You can now hide videos when in a conference
  • Conference: Option to allow/disallow users outside of conference to hear users inside conference
  • Developer Portal: Link to developer portal is now available from dropdown in top left of screen
  • Editor: Editor Panel heading and tab bar now stick to the top
  • Performance: Improved app performance by reducing number of draw calls for each avatar
  • People Menu: "Who Can Join" buttons are more responsive
  • Places Menu: Admins of spaces can now add a link to another space in the "Places" menu
  • Places Menu: Settings button in the "Places" menu
  • Share Screen: Option to only allow admins and presenters to share their screens

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Admin Bar: Top admin bar no longer disappears when performing certain actions
  • Avatar: User avatar no longer disappears when performing certain actions
  • Business Card: Business card would sometimes not appear
  • Chat: Resolved issue when some messages would send twice instead of once
  • Conference: Audio inside and outside the conference square now adhere to 'Inbound' and 'Outbound' conference audio settings
  • Debug: 'Debug' panel is now scrollable
  • Follow: Following a user no longer results in crazy vibrations
  • Help Menu: Menu item no longer disappears when clicking "Show Tutorial"
  • Object: Inserting a rectangle from Insert -> Shape -> Rectangle now inserts an actual rectangle
  • Search Fields: Clear selection 'X' button now correctly placed
  • Settings: All plugin settings panels can now close
  • Share Screen: Resolved issues when clicking fullscreen button on someone's screen being shared
  • vAtoms: Resolved animation issue when performing certain actions

Go check it out now in Vatom Spaces!

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