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Below is a list of all the current examples and where to find each of them.

Name Description Link Author
Coin Pickup Game A game where users can walk over coins to collect them GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Physics Allows objects in the space to have physics GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Popup Message Displays a message, in a popup, to a user when they enter a space GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Portal Allows users to teleport to different areas (within a space) using a portal GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Spotify Adds a spotify button to the bottom menu bar GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Webpack Demonstrates how webpack can be used to import various packages GitHub
Vatom Inc.
Gun Allows users to shoot a shotgun when in First Person view GitHub
Land Mine Allows for creation of explosive, proximity-based land mines GitHub
System Alert Display a toast message to everyone in the space GitHub
Text Notification Allows users to notify space hosts of their arrival into a space GitHub
Iframe Alert Displays a custom UI within the space GitHub
FPS HUD Shows a health bar and armor in the top-left corner of the screen GitHub
Spawn Spawns the user's avatar at a random spawn location within the space GitHub
Pickups Various plugins that can be attached to objects and picked up in the space GitHub
Gun v2 Updated version of the original gun plugin, which allows users to shoot a shotgun when in First Person view GitHub
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