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External Tools

The following tools can help with your experience creating spaces in Vatom Spaces.

Asset Creation Guides

  • Khronos - Detailed guide about the best ways to create assets.
  • Shopify - Guide about the best practices to follow when creating 3D assets.
  • Marxent Labs - Explanation about .gltf files.

3D Models

  • Sketchfab - Collection of free and paid 3D models.
  • TurboSquid - Collection of free and paid 3D models.
  • CGTrader - Collection of free and paid 3D models designed for VR/AR.
  • Polyhaven - Collection of free 3D models, HDRIs and textures.


  • Pixabay - Collection of free images of all types.
  • PNGitem - Collection of free .png images.
  • Icon Library - Collection of free .ico files.


  • Blender - Desktop application to create 3D assets.
  • Vectary - Online 3D and AR design platform.


  • Rapid Compact - Optimize any 3D models that may have a lot of vertices.
  • Squoosh - Compress large image files to improve performance in a space.
  • Video Proc - Optimize any media files.


Customize Your Space

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